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Celebrating the joys of Being a freerange backyard chicken

Beaky working the camera!

  Dory 1, the dominant!

Dory (1)
  Dory 2 enjoying a natural yoghurt breakfast.

Dory (2)
Meet The Girls

The Girls have requested that their perfect, freeranging chicken lifestyle be advertised on the interweb for all to see. They are grateful for their stress-free life in the sunshine and fresh air, knowing full well that fate could have dealt them a very different hand.

These pages are their way of saying thankyou, and making everyone aware of what could have befallen them. So, come on... meet The Girls!

Group 1, in Pecking Order:

  •    Beaky (Rhode Island Red/ISA Brown Cross)
  •    Dory 1 (Rhode Island Red/ISA Brown Cross)
  •    Stoomper (New Hampshire)
  •    Poppy (New Hampshire)
  •    Inky (Black Australorp)
  •    Honey (New Hampshire)

Group 2, in Pecking Order:

  •    Queenie (Black Australorp)
  •    Dory 2 (Rhode Island Red/ISA Brown Cross)
  •    Bossy (Rhode Island Red/ISA Brown Cross)
  •    Missy (Rhode Island Red/ISA Brown Cross)




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